I saw this post by bi-privilege and I whole-heartedly agree with the notion that this is a preferable term or at least a good alternative to the LGTBQIAP+ acronym.

No more people complaining about “how many letters are we gonna add”,

no more groups getting forgotten because someone is too lazy to type out the entire acronym,

and to me it has a more inclusive and equal feeling for all included groups.

Plus, as punkrockluna pointed out, MOGAI could also be used as an adjective replacing the word “queer”.

Queer is being used by a lot of people within the community but we should not forget that it is also a slur and not everyone is comfortable with being labeled or even labeling themselves as such.

I would absolutely love it if we could make this a thing. 

(I really really hope I didn’t forget anyone in the little description, please tell me if I have)

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I like this!

I’m glad this is going around! I’ve seen MOGAI used before but didn’t know what it meant. This clears things up nicely!

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Dad just came back into my room and flopped down on my bed.  Mom comes in and says “Have you told him yet?” and leaves.  Of course I’m fucking pissed as fuck.  Way to throw me under the bus, mom.  So I’m trying to think of the best way to explain this to dad because this is what I’ve been dreading the most.  I expected mom to have my back in this and obviously that didn’t work out so of course I’m expecting this to be a huge fight.

I spell it out for him as best I can….

And he just sighs and says “I don’t know how we would make that work, but I can see what you mean about your portfolio….”

"Well, I would only be taking two classes so I could work too and use that money to pay on my tuition."

"Or you could take an extra class and use that to build up your portfolio more."

I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m no gonna complain.

Aaaaand mom just pissed on everything.  Got home and she greets me with “Have you told him yet?” (meaning have I told dad about the prospect of me spending another semester in school) She then sees the bags in my hands and rolls her eyes “Apparently not.”  She proceeds to go through my bags and shake her head at the clothes I got, throws a couple of clothes hangers at me and walks out the kitchen.  

Ten minutes later she comes back into the kitchen (where I am on the computer) and I make the suggestion that we order pizza at 6:00 since Gramma and Uncle Jimmy will be here at 6:30.
"Ok… I was just… you know, thought I’d suggest it since it will take 45 minutes for it to get-"
"Why don’t you just go clean up your room?"

This is absolutely ridiculous.  Why can’t I just get along with my parents?  I’m not a difficult person to get along with.  Normally I spend my time avoiding dad like the plague now I’m having to do that with mom too?  Fuck this shit.  I’m tired of having to avoid my own fucking family.  

My dad just bought me a whole bunch of man clothes… like from the actual men’s department….  Like button up dress shirts and men’s polos.

Who is this man?  What has he done with my dad? And most importantly, is he staying?  Please?

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Finally worked up the nerve to tell mom that I might need to stay an extra semester at Winthrop.  Her first reaction was to accuse me of lying about my original graduation date.  I explained that I hadn’t lied and that it was still possible for me to graduate spring of next year,but I could only do so by taking Sculpture 4 at the same time as Sculpture 5 and Jewelry/Metals 4 at the same time as Jewelry/Metals 5 and my advisor strongly recommended against it because my portfolio would greatly suffer from 1) the amount of studios I would have to take in a single semester and 2) the fact that I wouldn’t be able to build on my skills from Sculp/JM 4 because I would be taking the fifth year of the class at the same time where I would be expected to already know skills I hadn’t learned yet.

I explained all of this to her as calmly as I could and told her it would only be one extra semester.  Her instant response was “Hell no.  I don’t care if your portfolio is absolute shit. You’re graduating on time- if you can call graduating at your age “on time”.  This is getting out of hand.  You’re going to get an internship this summer at a local theater and your portfolio isn’t going to mean anything anyway.”

"Do you really think anyone is going to hire me if my portfolio is shit?  If all my work is poorly made and lacks development, no one will be interested in me!"

"The only thing they’re going to care about is if you can weld!"

"That’s not true at all!"

"Like you would know."


"Well that’s just the risk you took when you changed your major, isn’t it?"

I’m so pissed off right now, you have no idea.  Does she honestly think I want to spend MORE time and money at school and dig myself even deeper into debt just for fun?  She’s not even paying for anything- all my loans are in my name.  This has NO effect on her whatsoever and, to be honest, regardless what I decide to do there’s nothing she can do about it.  Trust me, I’m not happy about the prospect of another semester either, but I would rather take the time to do things properly than to try and rush through just so I can be greeted by a world with no interest in giving me a job.

I’m so fucking sick  of this bullshit.  I’m tired of my parents constantly making fun of me for still being in school when neither of them have even attempted college.  I’m tired of being the butt of all the jokes when they talk to other family members or their friends at work.  I’m tired of constantly being reminded that in their eyes I am a failure because I didn’t stick with my original major.  I’m tired of being called “indecisive” and having all my opinions blown off because I’m just going to “change my mind later”.  This isn’t what I wanted out of life either, and I’m tired of being fucking reminded that no matter what I do it won’t be good enough, fast enough, or profitable enough and I should have just been a goddamn pharmacist.

Is it bad that whenever professors assign group work, I instantly get “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” from Book of Mormon stuck in my head?  Cause I do….

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tom hiddleston, michael fassbender, and benedict cumberbatch greet a gathering of small marine life


tom hiddleston, michael fassbender, and benedict cumberbatch greet a gathering of small marine life

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