what if

asexual characters

who weren’t androids or aliens

whose asexuality wasn’t seen as something needing to be ‘fixed’

and who aren’t socipaths

Does godzilla count as a sociopath?




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things I want to see:

  • tattooed young Hera who redefines what it means to be feminine (ex: x )
  • Apollo enjoying counterculture modern music that isn’t what your grandaddy listens to because the god of music loves all music
  • Hermes dropping the internet connection of late-night bloggers when he thinks they need to get more sleep
  • Aphrodite at the forefront of modern fashion, not just for mainstream fashion but all types of beauty
  • Apollo keeping tabs on the mental health of all his followers because mental illness is illness too
  • Hera rejecting political campaigns and bringing together queer couples because the goddess of marriage knows better than some old congressman what marriage is
  • Zeus traveling the world enjoying the various diversity of his world under culturally-appropriate disguises in each country, stopping to perform quiet blessings to people who deserve it and yet who never know who that strange older man was who helped them or gave them exactly the sort of wise guidance they needed
  • Ares annoying Apollo by constantly demanding updates on the wellbeing of his injured veterans and wanting to know what Apollo plans to do about their combat-related injuries and mental illnesses
  • Ares whispering in the ears of anti-war protesters to keep world governments from using nuclear weapons
  • Ares deflecting bullets in a firefight to protect police officers chasing a gunman and casually pushing criminals’ vehicles off the road in car chases before they can hurt any innocents
  • Athena on the ground in the Middle East, following around military scouts and diverting attacks before they even notice them
  • Hermes disguised as a male nurse, quietly walking between beds in terminal care facilities, easing pain in everyone he passes by
  • Hades patiently explaining the whole “yes, I’m that Hades” “yes, this is that underworld” “no, no one’s going to torture you with fire” thing to every single person who enters his realm and never getting frustrated no matter how many times the Christians ask him about hell
  • Poseidon getting a drink in the local bars in small coastal towns because he likes to listen to the tall tales the fishermen tell as they come in from their crab boats
  • Hephaestus gleefully inventing new creations because smithing is so much more interesting with modern technology
  • Demeter convincing Zeus to sabotage the political lobbying of big agricultural corporations to protect her beloved small-time farmers
  • Hestia strolling through the suburbs calming down family arguments in the neighborhoods she visits
  • Artemis taking her responsibility for the wellbeing of young ladies seriously and invisibly sitting next to every heartbroken teenage girl crying her eyes out over some lost highschool love
  • Dionysus impersonating bartenders and demanding patrons’ car keys when they’ve had too much
  • Gods that aren’t stuck in the ancient past

Aphrodite walking in every Slutwalk in every city with signs that say NO ONE ASKS FOR IT.

Aphrodite patiently counseling the wives of sailors, incognito as that sweet girl at the grocery store.

Hephaistos crouched over a microchip, creating new technologies in instants.

Hermes as the guy behind you in line who covers your latte for you because you can’t find your wallet.

Aphrodite listening to the desperate pleas of domestic abuse victims and bringing suffering and torment to their abusers, working in women’s shelters, as a rape crisis counselor, helping to heal those who are hurt because they thought this was love, teaching them that that wasn’t love.

Demeter lobbying for paid maternal leave because you deserve time off after you’ve given birth to life.

Hera supporting working moms. Zeus making sure stay-at-home dads take proper care of the house.

Hermes as the guy at every funeral, even for people who have no one there for them.

Ares and Aphrodite reuniting soldiers and their significant others and sharing a moment when they lock eyes in the airport.

Hermes as the guy at every funeral, even for people who have no one there for them.


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Mae Martin: «No it’s made of vegetables.»


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my preferred method of dealing with ship wars:

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  • (So for HMXP I had to read an article by Thomas Moore that I didn't agree with at all. These are the notes I took from the book.)
  • Moore: One of the most effective forms of repression is to give a thing excessive honor.
  • Me: Tell that to the Jews.
  • Moore: Even in our art schools, a technical viewpoint is often dominant. The young painter learns about materials and schools of thoughts, but not about the soul of his vocation of the significance of the content of his artwork.
  • Me: This is bullshit. You have to know your materials before you can use them to their full potential, asshat.
  • Moore: There is no doubt that some people could spare themselves the expense and trouble of psychotherapy simply by giving themselves a few minutes each day for quiet reflection.
  • Me: STFU. I don't see a "Dr" or a "PhD" attached to your name, Mr. Moore, so stop acting like you're qualified to make these remarks.
  • Moore: For example, I can't explain it, but I enjoy doing dishes.
  • Me: I honestly believe your time would have been better spent washing clean dishes than writing this essay, Mr. Moore. Also, given your obvious Freudian background, does your love of "woman work" indicate vagina envy or does it mean you regret not sleeping with your mother (which, btw, would have been better than writing this essay).
  • Moore: Living artfully might require taking the time to buy things with soul for the home. Good linens, a special rug, or a simple teapot can be a source of enrichment in our life.
  • Me: Because everyone has money to waste on knick knacks and needs to focus more on consumeristic bliss.
  • Moore: Deborah Hunter, a photographer, made a study several years ago of clothes on a line tossed by the wind.
  • Me: Irrelevant to his point entirely. This entire paragraph was a complete waste. Also, I bet she had to learn the technical aspects of photography before she took those photos.
  • Moore: In a book not yet published, Jean Lall, the astrologer, observes that daily life at home is full of epiphanies.
  • Me: An /astrologer/ writing about how someone should live their life. I can see why it wasn't published. Also, I know you don't take yourself serious, Mr. Moore, but please refrain from quoting /astrologers/ in your essay. Thanks.
  • Moore: (talking about the serenity of the graveyard in which Thoreau and Hawthorne are buried.)
  • Me: Ugh. You /would/ read Thoreau and Hawthorne, Mr. Moore....
  • Moore: If you press anything far enough, you will come up against either the holy or the demonic.
  • Me: This is also bullshit and makes me question the author's morals.
  • Moore: sine qua non
  • Me: "Look at me throwing in fancy Latin to make it look like I know what I'm writing." Spoiler alert: You don't.
  • Moore: Theology is a concern for everyone.
  • Me: No it's not.
  • Moore: ordinary experiences touch upon issues of such immense depth that they can only be considered religious.
  • Me: This is also bullshit. Seriously starting to believe you are high, Mr. Moore.
  • Moore: (another reference to things being strictly either angelic or demonic.)
  • Me: Ok, can you please stop using this phrase like everything is black or white or that the Christian definitions of demons and angels are actual things? Thanks.
  • Moore: Dreams: A Royal Road to the Soul
  • Me: You have got to be shitting me.
  • Moore: Yet there, where the work is most intense, is the source of the soul.
  • Me: Does this mean you secretly find washing dishes terrifying? What does this even have to do with the rest of this essay? This whole section is completely random. Did you even proof read this?
  • Moore: I usually recommend to my patients-
  • Me: WHOA HOLD UP. DEAR GOD, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE PATIENTS?! People actually pay you for this shit?! Does that mean you FORGOT to list your title or that you are ashamed of your obviously ill-acquired degree? Frigga's frilly nightgown, they'll give anyone a psychology degree these days!!
  • Me: (upon seeing this essay was written in 1992) YOU MEAN THIS SHIT WASN'T WRITTEN IN THE EARLY 1920's??!?!?!


goodbye pants.

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I want to make sure every one knows about this and what it can do to your pets 

this is what has happened to my sisters cat after she wore a hartz flea and tick collar and now has a burn like wound on her neck. please pass this on and do not buy hartz’s products! they use poison in their products pets have died because of this!!

Yes this is my cat she is doing fine at the moment but I’m so sorry for the people who’s pets are not so lucky

oh my god


save pets!

Hartz is the worse EVER! my aunt used it and it ended up killing two of her cats. only one survived but she had the worse skin condition. NEVER USE HARTZ


Guys this is an actual issue. We had Hartz collars for my dog and he kept having seizures. one seizure he had on the stairs and fell backwards down the stairs, and he also stop breathing from these seizures. When I found out about Hartz causing this I took it off my dog and he hasn’t had a seizure since. And he used to have one at least every few months. DON’T USE HARTZ.

Signal Boost !!

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gay and lesbian monosexuals who complain about heterosexuality being the default and then turn around and interrogate bisexuals about their experiences with same-gender intimacy, or claim that bisexuals currently in a male/female relationship are straight. wtf. you are a part of the problem. by demanding we show ‘proof’ of our gayness, you are upholding heterosexuality as the default sexual orientation. you are literally saying, if you are not doing something explicitly gay at this very moment, you are straight. i don’t even.

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